Thursday, 14 January 2010

Don't buy photography, harvest from Flickr!

After finding an image used out of context I've removed permission from Flickr for outside programs to be able to search their database in respect of my photography. It seemed harmless in getting exposure but if as a result photos get used inappropriately then that's a no-no. So it's goodbye to the 'API'.

That does not prevent humans from searching my images. I had a contact today from a major online travel guide to use an image from Cambridge. For free. But they would link to the image on Flickr....

Well, the news is that photographers don't earn a living by getting links to Flickr. A link to my site would be of some value and given the tiny scale of the image they use would not be too much of a sacrifice for me. It would help my Google ranking because they are themselves a well ranked site. But a Flickr link is a waste.

But the other killer is that they set out a license agreement that includes words "royalty free" to "use" on their website. Either their lawyers are being tricksy in including the words "royalty free", or incompetent. So no thanks.