Monday, 2 August 2010

Employee discretion advised

Our second site is a 'Forest Holidays' campsite at Ashurst in the New Forest proper. Unfortunately arrival was spoilt by one of those really annoying clashes of the voice of reason (ie me) with authority (ie reception staff at the campsite....)

I'd booked ahead on the web and ticked all the boxes in line with our status and as far as I was concerned fully paid up for us to have a pitch with Wendel in his small tent.  It was explained that Wendel being 18 needed a separate pitch for himself and his tent. Now just about anywhere else we'd be able to share a pitch. But not at Forest Holiday sites. We'd have to pay £20 per night for his own pitch.

OK I asked, remembering how things work elsewhere, is there a backpacker price? Yes, £6.50. OK I said, he can walk in separately from us with his tent on his back. Ah, but we've seen him in your campervan now.....

I asked if they had any discretion. No, the rules have to be followed.

So there you have it. A group of 5 adults all with well paid jobs with a huge SUV and a mammoth caravan finishes up paying the same as a family of three with small camper and tiny tent.

Organisations that leave their employees no discretion to use their brains are doomed to fail. Add Forest Holidays to the long list.

Anyway, here's another pic of Wendel putting up his tent. The horse was later seen to be carrying off Wendel's sleeping bag in his mouth.

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