Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Stock photos for small businesses

If you are a small business and that is looking for images for your website or for brochures then at the Light Touch Library we have set up a straightforward mechanism for you to get at those photos with minimal fuss.

Before getting onto the detail of that, why not take advantage of savings of at least 10% that are made available from time to time to all those who follow Light Touch at Facebook or Scott Hortop on Twitter. There may be a saving that is current now but if not and your need is not urgent then by following us then one should come along in a matter of days.

Back to the photo you wish to purchase. Here's what you need to do:

1. 'Add to Cart'
2. Select the Download tab
3. Choose the "Personal Use" option. Disregard what you otherwise see on this page.
4. You'll now see important text that you should read and understand. It's reproduced below. If you are in any doubt, what's in capital letters is also explained below.
5. Make your selection from the sizes available and click "Add to Cart" if you might want to add other images or "Add and Checkout" if you are done.

When you buy an image through this route with its advantageous pricing you will note the following explanation at checkout:

This image is for your PERSONAL USE only or use as a RIGHTS MANAGED IMAGE on your SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE or in BROCHURES. You must not use in other ways and THE USE MUST NOT CONFLICT with the interests of INDIVIDUALS OR BRANDS seen in the images.

IMPORTANT! This is not a 'ROYALTY FREE' image. YOU AGREE YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAY YOU USE THE IMAGE. Please read the STOCK PHOTO HELP link. If in doubt, take legal advice.

If you need further explanation of the terms in capital, see below:

You may download this file to use it to make prints to display at home. Read the PERSONAL USE conditions in the Content Licensing Agreement  - also available at checkout.

You may download this file to use in your small business website or in brochures. Read the RIGHTS MANAGED IMAGE conditions in the Content Licensing Agreement  - also available at checkout.

In the content licensing agreement is the following term:

2.2 Use of the Licensed Material is strictly limited to the use, medium, period of time, print run, placement, size of image, territory and any other restrictions specified in the Invoice. Licensee may utilize the Licensed Material in any production process that may be necessary for the intended use specified in the Invoice.

For avoidance of doubt, the website and brochure uses may not be mentioned in the invoice but are specifically allowed when an image is purchased through this option.

A company with turnover not more than £5.6 million & number of employees not more than 50 and not part of a group of related companies that in total exceeds these numbers.

The web presence promoting the goods or services of the small business.

A paper handout promoting the goods or services of the small business.

Just because an image is made available on this site does not make it appropriate for use by any business. Many images on this site are not suitable for commercial use - they are made available for use editorially only by newspapers,magazines or book publishers. If people or brands are featured then they may take exception to your business using their image. This is a complicated area - you should use common sense. See When can you use photos featuring people or businesses commercially?

A way of licensing images that allows you great (but not complete) freedom in how you use an image.

You are not purchasing a ROYALTY FREE image. You are purchasing a right to use an image on you small business website or brochures. If you use the image in other ways then other fees will be payable for that use as shown in our BASE PRICE COMMERCIAL USE calculator - an example is applied to this image.

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