Thursday, 18 November 2010

On the road to Dungeness

When one has a camper van and it starts getting cold it's easy to forget that it needs a little exercise, so that's what it got on Monday when I took off out of Brighton and headed East finishing up at Dungeness.....

On the way there I passed a large static caravan park at Camber Sands and was struck by the turbines of the wind farm looming in the background. The wonderful pastel tones were violated by that wheelie bin so if you click through to the final version (Art photo print - Camber Sands Holiday Park) then you'll see how much better it looks.

I'm not really a pastel person (well, look at the colour of the camper!) so when the sun finally came out as I hit Dungeness I was immediately struck by the opportunities that were on tap. In retrospect I think I could have made more of them but I was pressing myself to get back to Rye to grab some images in the narrow streets there before the sun went too low.

So here's some primary colours of Fishermen's Huts at Dungeness:

While at Dungeness I was surprised to see only one other person sporting a camera - if there ever was a destination for a photo Meetup group then this was it! But don't tell anyone, because I want it to myself.

Of course I got many more images than these & will be getting around to getting them online in some shape or form. As it happens I never did get to Rye in time to get any decent photos, I kept stopping far too often on Walland Marshes chasing cows....

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