Friday, 31 December 2010

A photographer made a plan!

Back on 1 February I made a long post entitled "Social networking? A photographer make a plan.....". I thought I'd go back and review it.

First thing to jump out of me is that I left an 's' out of the title. 'Makes a plan' is much better - but leaving that aside what exactly has gone on?.

Going straight to the end of the post, Photoshelter did something about the lack of print provider in the UK and in September I decided to dive in and do just what I only regarded as a possibility and that was to centre my web presence on a Photoshelter site which you now see at

The time and effort in setting this up has dominated the last quarter. That and setting up house in Brighton after a move down here from London. So there's been the knock on effects of sorting that move out on the web too. But what happened to all that social networking?

The blog - Well, here I am. Tick.

Twitter - this blog should be automatically tweeted. Tick.

Facebook - 'Fan Page' or is it "Facebook page" too. Tick.

Linkedin - Still a mystery, but hanging on in there....

Flickr - With Photoshelter on tap, this is social networking too far. Untick.

I wrote "if I don't get one new client directly recruited from the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn axis then I'll be very disappointed". Well, there's a fail on that score. But it's easy to see that I did not give myself a chance because although I wrote the post in February I did nothing substantial about it until after I moved to Brighton and set up the Photoshelter site in September.

One can be too contrived about social networking. The professional tweeters are turn offs; but yes, I know they can be my friend. I've a sound base but I know that I need to do much more.

Here's to 2011!

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