Sunday, 16 January 2011

Photo for free (?) #1


I am a working copywriter for an ad agency based in India. We need some images to adapt our ads in different media. I don't want to use images sourced through Google for the fear of copyright infringement. Your image will be used for presentation purpose only. I have attached the link of the image we need.

Expecting a favourable reply. Note: We will send you the finished artwork in which your image is used


Thank you for your interest.

For your use and location, if you pay in advance then I will go to my lowest price point - £25, Please let me know if you would like to proceed.

I guess you value your pictures highly. But sorry I could not pay such big amount. And the image I needed will be used only for a presentation. So I don't think I can spend such a big price for a small assignment. Anyways thanks for taking the time to reply.


This is the photo:

The photo may be unglamourous subject matter but nevertheless is obviously subject matter needed by businesses. That day, 8 months ago I went out and took photos of a particular unglamourous area of London. The nature of the images I took is that even if they were made available free then only 10 say would ever be used. With another day processing, to make the sums work I have to charge prices which reflect the rarity of the image and the rarity of the buyer and my need to pay the bills. This is not "microstock" which is a whole different market and an image like this will not anyway be available there.

Other stock photographers selling images will think I'm rather cheap. But this was a sale to India. On the other hand if photos like this were available for free or little cost then they would not be available because it would be madness to go out and shoot them.

Anyway, aside fom my own perception of the price of a stock photo, if my photo would help win an advertising firm a big contract then it would be well worth the money! In India because of the relative low wages it may be better for the buyer to search on, but in the UK (say) it would not be cost effective unless the business places no value on the time its employees spend searching for a less suitable substitute.

This is #1 of what could become a series inspired by the flow chart Should I work for free? by Jessica Hische - which came to my attention on the same day I received the enquiry but did not influence my reply!

This photo of a modern electronic advertising hoarding is available at my image library.

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