Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Photo of the Day (?) - Newport Transporter Bridge

Having put up one of my favourite images on Monday (but with good if self-congratulatory reason) and today happening across this photo I wonder if it's time to start a 'Photo of the Day'? Immediately you may spot the issue with this because no image was posted yesterday - and indeed I know that there will be other days when no image gets posted so I'm going to shy away from the "Photo of the day" title & will have to think of something else. How about....

"Any Old Excuse to Put up a Photo - #2 - Newport Transporter Bridge"

That may be no good because I'll have to think of an excuse every time, no matter now lame! Anyway, that will do for now and, whatever I go for in the end, there will not be one tomorrow because I'm off shooting in London.

This, by the way, is the most impressive Newport Transporter Bridge. I've fiddled with the image a bit and think it would make an excellent photo art print as a gift for the admirer of 100 year old engineering or things Welsh (or both) in your family!

This photo is part of the Wales image gallery at the Light Touch image library.

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