Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rearranging the deckchairs....

Deck Chairs in Eastbourne

Deck Chairs in Brighton

The SS Great Britain sits in a dock in Bristol. The Titantic's location is best known to James Cameron. Yet now it's Great Britain's deckchairs that are being rearraranged in the endless quest to find the money from you and I to patch up the mess the banks created.

Brighton may be brash in its commercialism compared to Eastbourne (just compare the piers) but when it comes to resting one's bum it's curious how Eastbourne appears to have sold out.

And what could be uglier than having logos all over deckchairs? Easy, an advert saying "Your logo here"?

These images may be found in the Brighton and Hove and Brands galleries at my image library. Do you see how Eastbourne misses out on a link?

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