Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So "Catfish" was real

About 3 weeks ago I saw the DVD of "Catfish", an excellent moving account of Facebook identity fraud (oops, have I just spoilt it for you?).

Yesterday I had my own Catfish moment. I got an email from nowhere from someone who for some reason had done a "Tineye" search on a profile pic and come up with one of my images - a photo by me of a good friend of mine - being used on the profile of someone called "Leah xxxxxxxxxxxx" who lives in California.

"Fair warning: this person is kinda nuts, may have multiple personalities, and when people call her on her lies she tends to come out with guns blazing (in the past six months, she's accused at least three guys of psycho-stalking her."

Anyway, I filed an official DMCA copyright violation notice with Facebook and within 12 hours had a response that the account had been deactivated.

Now I've no idea whether Leah or one of her "friends" will turn up at my door in the next few days with an axe.....

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