Sunday, 24 April 2011

Euro Jaunt (1) - Photos of Maastricht

Not a typical shot from Maastricht but probably my favourite. The definite reds in the dress clash with the pastel pinks elsewhere; the aloofness of the woman contrasting with the inevitable casualness of her dog. The backdrop of an industrial area in the centre of Maastricht seen across the River Maas.

This was the last full day of eight taking the camper van down to the Black Forest and back. Don't ask me why I've decided to post images in reverse order....

More Photos from Maastricht are online at my image library - we were only in town for 90 minutes - had a ferry to catch!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Roupell Street - The way home

photo of City of London commuters

This photo may bring to mind up a vision of the British working class in times past but this was only last week. In the evening, this small street of terraced houses swarms with City of London staff who know it as the shortest route from the City to Waterloo to get their trains on the commute home.

Nowadays it would be difficult to spot anyone working class - but it is relatively easy to play spot the banker.