Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New microstock launch - get ready for the Digital Copyright Exchange!

The Hargreaves report on copyright came out today. It seems that the whole nation will be humming Newport State of Mind.....

(So head over the water
On the Transporter)

And as the mainstream media concentrates on the effect on the music industry, the huge potential impact on almost every photo that you see in front of you on the web will probably never get a mention.

"a work should only be treated as an orphan if it cannot be found by search of the databases involved in the proposed Digital Copyright Exchange..."

"in most cases the fee for use of orphan works would be nominal"

So on the face of it a Brit wanting to use a photo on the web has to check that it's not on the Digital Copyright Exchange and if it's not it's an 'orphan' and for a quid or whatever he gets to use it.

Suddenly it seems to me that the Digital Copyright Exchange could take over from the profusion of microstock sites as the place to get a photo for a dollar.

I'm not sure what the microstock sites, foreign photographers with images copyrighted in the USA or Sindy with her holiday snaps will think of this idea. But I'm sure it will all sorted out by the time Newport next get a chance to bid for the Ryder Cup.


Twinned with Guangxi, Province in China
There’s no province finer

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Copyright is boring....

.... but is vital to artists / creators to be able to keep their meagre living.

Put simply, big organisations (eg Google, News Corporation, BBC) would love to be able to pick images off the web and use them without having to fuss about copyright and such trivia. But you watch them protect their own creations!

In a BBC website article "Shedding light on copyright confusion" Will Gompertz chats to his mates and declares "the people to whom I have spoken regarding the issue of orphan works all want to see them put in to the public domain" which is all fine and dandy until you get down to specifics.

Such as that through no fault of my own but the actions of others there are hundreds of my photos on the web that are 'orphans'. Indeed the BBC itself very probably and unnecessarily made an 'orphan' of the image on that page, an action which is unlawful (see Paul Ellis's comments, it breaches CDPA 1988 Section 296ZG:

So unless the new legislation does not enable others to make money out of my work without payment then you can expect me and other photographers to go on banging on about copyright.

Like I just did in my comment on that BBC page - Will, more of your mates should be photographers!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

From the streets of Paris

Yesterday I put up some rather more recent images from France, however it reminded me of how so few of my available photos of France were currently online, which drew me to some images from Paris 4 years ago when I visited on my birthday and to this image in particular.

For this photo I have to be thankful for the man, who is perhaps the owner of this Parisian street cafe, sitting where he did to do his sums and paperwork. The curtain separates him from the street emphasising a different world inside and out.

One of the photos in my gallery of images from Paris - and for the moment I like it so much that I've made it the featured image on my stock and art print site's home page.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Euro Jaunt (3) - Photos from Metz, France

This is the church of Temple Neuf, on an island on the River Moselle in Metz.

One of the little delights of the Euro jaunt occured in Metz. We had turned up relatively late in the afternoon searching for a campsite. The one marked on the Michelin map did not seem to exist so we asked in a boulangerie of its whereabouts. A customer behind me told me to follow him, which I did, assuming that he was at the site we were aiming for. We followed him (with his wife), drove into the city centre, strange route going past all the sights before finishing up at the municipal campsite which is in a great location right in the centre a couple of minutes walk from Temple Neuf.

Then they waved goodbye and drove off. They were simply locals to the boulangerie who had taken it upon themselves to get us to the campsite, throwing in a guided tour of Metz en route.

A nice memory from a city where the stay to get photos was only an hour or so the next morning before we had to move on again into Belgium on the way home.

See more stock photos of Metz

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Euro jaunt (2) - photos from Heidelburg

The first big stop on our European voyage was Heidelburg where we stayed with Shirley's friend Carina and her partner Jack. Right now Carina lives in the UK and she was over there on an extended two week stay and we diverted ever so slightly from what would have bee our natural route through Germany to the Black Forest to meet up with them. In fact we didn't even stay in the camper when in Heidelberg but were put up for two nights in Jack's apartment, a walk from Heidelberg's town centre and an excellent base to get some images.

Jack was more than keen on enabling our sightseeing and on one excursion he took us to a little visited viewpoint which allowed me to get this stunning cityscape of Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town (Altstadt) in the evening sun.

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