Thursday, 5 May 2011

Euro jaunt (2) - photos from Heidelburg

The first big stop on our European voyage was Heidelburg where we stayed with Shirley's friend Carina and her partner Jack. Right now Carina lives in the UK and she was over there on an extended two week stay and we diverted ever so slightly from what would have bee our natural route through Germany to the Black Forest to meet up with them. In fact we didn't even stay in the camper when in Heidelberg but were put up for two nights in Jack's apartment, a walk from Heidelberg's town centre and an excellent base to get some images.

Jack was more than keen on enabling our sightseeing and on one excursion he took us to a little visited viewpoint which allowed me to get this stunning cityscape of Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town (Altstadt) in the evening sun.

Click through to see more photos of Heidelberg.

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