Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Euro Jaunt (3) - Photos from Metz, France

This is the church of Temple Neuf, on an island on the River Moselle in Metz.

One of the little delights of the Euro jaunt occured in Metz. We had turned up relatively late in the afternoon searching for a campsite. The one marked on the Michelin map did not seem to exist so we asked in a boulangerie of its whereabouts. A customer behind me told me to follow him, which I did, assuming that he was at the site we were aiming for. We followed him (with his wife), drove into the city centre, strange route going past all the sights before finishing up at the municipal campsite which is in a great location right in the centre a couple of minutes walk from Temple Neuf.

Then they waved goodbye and drove off. They were simply locals to the boulangerie who had taken it upon themselves to get us to the campsite, throwing in a guided tour of Metz en route.

A nice memory from a city where the stay to get photos was only an hour or so the next morning before we had to move on again into Belgium on the way home.

See more stock photos of Metz

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