Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New microstock launch - get ready for the Digital Copyright Exchange!

The Hargreaves report on copyright came out today. It seems that the whole nation will be humming Newport State of Mind.....

(So head over the water
On the Transporter)

And as the mainstream media concentrates on the effect on the music industry, the huge potential impact on almost every photo that you see in front of you on the web will probably never get a mention.

"a work should only be treated as an orphan if it cannot be found by search of the databases involved in the proposed Digital Copyright Exchange..."

"in most cases the fee for use of orphan works would be nominal"

So on the face of it a Brit wanting to use a photo on the web has to check that it's not on the Digital Copyright Exchange and if it's not it's an 'orphan' and for a quid or whatever he gets to use it.

Suddenly it seems to me that the Digital Copyright Exchange could take over from the profusion of microstock sites as the place to get a photo for a dollar.

I'm not sure what the microstock sites, foreign photographers with images copyrighted in the USA or Sindy with her holiday snaps will think of this idea. But I'm sure it will all sorted out by the time Newport next get a chance to bid for the Ryder Cup.


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