Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Shooting Young Enterprise

I've been covering the annual awards ceremony for the East of England region of Young Enterprise for a number of years now. It's always held at one of the Cambridge colleges which makes for a pleasant experience for all; this year it was held again at Queens College.

Young Enterprise has been around in the UK as a charity promoting entrepreneurial activity in schools for a damn sight longer than Sir Alan / Lord Sugar has been berating the higher profile, older and frequently untalented individuals who we make fun of on television in The Apprentice.

Unlike their TV counterparts, these entrepreneurs get to run real companies. The awards day is an intense experience for the entered teams who get to face a panel of judges, invited guests at their stalls and do a stage presentation all in one day.

The winning team this year were from Colchester High School for Girls who came up with a product - a security pouch hidden within a bra cup - which one suspects was inspired by bitter experience, but is a truly original idea to meet a real need for security. A fact which was not lost on the judges.

My photography aims to cover every aspect of the day, giving students images to remember the day by (available for secure download from my Photoshelter hosted site), Young Enterprise photos to use for PR purposes and finally photos of young people engaging in enterprise activities which Young Enterprise can use on their website and brochures. The nice thing is that I'm largely left to my own devices - other than getting those damn formal presentation photos at the end  - I did get them, but none here because as ever they're just not as interesting as the rest.

Here's a selection from the day, starting with the winners:

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