Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Photography at an inner city school (always a pleasure!)

Yesterday I visited the Inner London 6th form college for perhaps the fifth time in the last three years to allow them to fill some gaps in their prospectus with some new photos, concentrating in the main on activities outside the classroom. I only shot for three hours on this visit but seemed to get a lot done compared to a visit last month which was not as well organised in terms of making sure that students would be available in the right place at the right time.

With students, a few props and location in place, left to my devices most of the time to come up with something, this sort of shooting is challenging but fun. It may be an inner city school, but it's always struck me how the place seems to be a pleasure to be in, both for staff and students. And I really don't think that everyone is on best behaviour just because there is a photographer about!

It was when I was doing the library shots that my Canon EOS 5D gave up on me, the viewfinder mirror falling off and rattling around inside the camera. It was only on Monday (because it was a much smaller job and I was using public transport to London) that for possibly the first time in 5 years I had gone to a job carrying only one camera body. So that was a lesson painlessly learnt because yesterday I had backup everything!



  1. Great pictures! I think there is a huge difference between the US and UK with reference to the term "Inner City", for example did this school have metal detectors and cops at the door?

  2. No. But i think some do. While I was there the brother of one of the students became another London stabbing statistic. He was due to attend the college next year.

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