Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Low-fi' stock photos and prints

Ever more stringent quality control standards have become a way of the stock photo industry filtering out photographers who don't have higher end cameras and don't apply themselves to the correct processing of images in preparation for sale on the web. But this has the effect of also filtering out lots of images that buyers may be looking for, images that are perfectly good enough quality to be used on a blog, small scale in a brochure or even as a 10" x 8" print on a wall.

Over the years I have discovered a demand for photo subjects I captured in the early days of digital cameras - images that were acceptable to online stock libraries then, but are no more. In running my own site here at Light Touch, I want to be able to continue to make these images available.

To reflect the 'low-fi' status, these images are not available at the largest sizes and they are priced at about 25% less than the regular stock photos. You'll see the term 'low-fi' in the description or keywords area.

As well as images from the early days of digital, 'low-fi' images may include scans from negatives and even an occasional bang up to date mobile phone image.

Importantly, you'll always see a large preview image so you can easily assess the quality of what you are buying.

As a result of an enquiry received this morning, this is the first 'low-fi' image I've just put on the site. More will follow.

Bycicles on Neal Street, Covent Garden

This was captured in Covent Garden in 2004 on a Nikon 4500 digital camera which cost £600 in those days! This is recognisably low-fi. It has a 'toy camera' feel about it only because of the conditions in which the photo was made. However other images captured on the same camera have finished up in national newspapers and magazines and one has earned me close to £1,000 in royalties. So 'low-fi' does not necessarily mean low quality and if it's an image you want then it's an image you can now get.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Starting with Tournai, only 600 pics to go......

I'm back after 15 days, mainly in the Netherlands, spent touring in the VW camper. Here's the first few pics from dullish weather in the dullish tow of Tournai, Belgium. Sorry people of Tournai, I wasn't looking too hard and I guess I didn't find the exciting bits!

Photos of Tournai - Belgium by Scott Hortop