Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Boring announcement. But hey, at least it's activity!

This is unlikely to set the world on fire, but it is a post, and the first post for about 18 months!

In that 18 months I became pretty active on Google+ at the expense of regular blogging. Then I became active on Facebook at the expense of Google+. But now I return here and find some blurb about a link to Google+. I said yes. And when I post this first post for 18 months I will find out what difference it makes, here and on G+. I expect it to appear on G+, maybe looking just like it does on the blog. We'll see.

I should add a photo. This is me in Madrid about a week ago. I've already added a few images from last week to the great number I added from my first visit a year ago.

I'm not the guy smoking by the way. But I am there.

(Click through to see my Madrid photos. Many more to come.)

1 comment:

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