Friday, 28 June 2013

Brighton's Poppy Field

One of these photos is the dead giveaway of where this spectacular annual event sprouts forth on the outskirts of Brighton. The location may be Falmer but the slopes belong to Bevendean Down, my local patch of the South Downs.

Poppy field at Falmer looking towards Bevendean Down

Brighton poppies looking towards Bevendean Dow

Poppy flowers mown down

The Amex Stadium, Brighton - across the poppy field
The final photo is not a toy camera effect, I zoomed the lens while taking the shot, trying to keep the Amex Stadium as sharp as possible, the blur progressively increasing towards the edges.

I should mention more often on this blog that prints of these images can be purchased by following the links - all Brighton poppy field images here in my South Downs gallery oe in my Brighton and Hove Selection.

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