Thursday, 12 December 2013

Photo printing test - Epson Claria or compatible inks?

It was back in April of this year that I instigated a test of home photo printing using Epson Claria products against third party compatible inks. I also tested a third party paper, the Permajet 240 gsm Matt Plus photo paper.

And the results are in! Six months of sitting on a window sill soaking up the rays has had a serious impact....

In this first image, at the larger A3 size we have the Permajet paper. At the A4 size we have the print on Epson Glossy paper.

The Permajet paper at bottom right was printed with the uk compatible ink. The fade, and on the monochrome image, discoloration is very evident. There was no discernible degradation on the Claria prints on either the Epson or Permajet papers.

In this second image,the compatible ink on the Epson paper (top right) fared better, but still faded noticeably compared to Epson Claria ink on the same paper. Again the Epson ink on the Permajet paper faded very little, if at all.

The conclusions from all this are:
  • compatible ink with third party paper is a disaster
  • if you want to save money on compatible ink then use Epson paper
  • you should get good long lasting results with Epson Claria ink whether you print on Epson or a quality third part paper