Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More Brighton on film

I took my latest lens purchase onto the streets of Brighton as my love/hate relationship with film continues. On the one hand the having to deal with a process with additional steps, sometimes involving chemicals because I develop my own black and white film, makes me feel more involved in a craft.. Something that involves skills beyond mere composition and exposure, something that generates far fewer throwaway images because film costs money and time and liberal snapping eats up both.

And then there are the cameras. Chunks of metal that make nice noises. Tools which feel like traditional tools rather than a variation on a mobile phone.

And does it look different? Yes. And I like it not to be perfect, I like the odd scrape or dust speck to be there, not necessarily obvious other than under close examination, but definitely there. And sometimes it can even be in colour....

The Western Esplanade, Hove

Waitress on Gardner Street, Brighton North Laine

The Level, Brighton
The Level, Brighton

Across the Tracks
Across the Tracks record shop in the North Laine

The Hope on Queens Road

The Western Front, Churchill Square, Brighton

The lamp posts, Queens Road, Brighton