Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The photo print, an antidote to pixels that may drive me to the screen...

After a rather long period of ignoring the promotion of the art print dimension of my photography, I have made a little change which means that at last it will get some exposure.

It's a side effect of my decision to make sure that, for any image being sold as a "fine art photo print" from my site, I must have created a proof print. I create these prints so that I know how the image comes across when printed to a decent size using premium inks on decent quality paper. These prints will last a lifetime without fading and, with restricted space on my own walls, will gather dust unless pushed in front of eyeballs.

Reflecting their status, they are sold at prices rather less than their print-to-order equivalents. As they become available I will post about them here and elsewhere.

So far, I have only printed a few, but most of the images I will be generating proof prints for can already be seen at: Once I know I am happy with a proof then I will make it available at other places, including Saatchi Art online which sells everything in US dollars - it would be nice to find a Euro or £ equivalent.

The other thing about actually printing something off is that, having taken the time, I am more inclined to write about it, probably a side effect of having something tangible in front of me to concentrate the mind.

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