Monday, 2 February 2015

Brighton to London Victoria, morning to evening, platform to platform

"Wheeling to the train"
"Victoria Station"

Wheeling to the train - Brighton Station monochrome print

Victoria Station platform monochrome print

Once commuting defined large chunks of my life, albeit I never engaged in it to the extent of some of today's long distance commuters. Now I do enjoy getting in from Brighton to London, and do so about once a week, and that enjoyment is enhanced by avoiding commuters, the pleasure of a relatively empty train and even more deserted platforms.

I've just bought today's ticket, Brighton to Victoria and All Zones Travelcard, £14.85 with my Network Railcard. With the election approaching, I intend to pick up from where I left off with my North Circular Wall blog, highlighting issues relating to the barriers being erected in society which are rather more insurmountable than the barriers at the end of these platforms or the relatively meagre cost of my off-peak ticket.

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