Saturday, 23 May 2015

One photo from each gig - The Great Escape 2015 - Saturday

I think I needed Friday night off because I was able to enjoy Saturday end-to-end!

It's arguable whether many of the better known bands were saved for the Saturday but this was the biggest day in terms of the number of gigs and no doubt crowds, and crowd-wise I got to see everything that I wanted to see, excepting the many clashes of course.

One victim of a clash was The Zombies, the full band at Horatios at the end Brighton Pier, but with the Zombies acoustic set in the tiny Black Lion only the day before, perhaps the impact of that intimate gig would have been diluted. It was see them or see Slaves and Shamir and I am always one for something new.

The day kicked off early at 11.30am in The Green Door Store with an understated husband and wife duo from Winnipeg in the great plains of Canada.

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Leaf Rapids at The Green Door Store,
At the end of the gig I was joined by a friend from London and we had to get her wristband so we were taken towards the seafront and that led to another visit to the crowded Black Lion. I thought we were going to get to see PinkShinyUltrablast, but the venue was already running late so we were entertained by a couple of numbers from Fever Dream.

Fever Dream play The Black Lion, Brighton
There followed a quick planning session including a discussion on what exactly Soul Music is before going to get a whole bucket load from Ady Suleiman.

Ady Suleiman plays the Dome Studio Theatre, Brighton
It was definitely beach weather so next stop would be Concorde 2 which was hosting a variety of Australian bands.

Bad // Dreems play Concorde 2 Brighton
Bad // Dreems and one of those annoying phones!
Actually that is my friend doing the video on the phone and it was not annoying because she was at the front and not holding the phone in the sight line of those behind. Actually there was precious little phone recording going on at The Great Escape - I think this is because people who go to watch these less well known bands are more intent on taking in the music and not collecting a souvenir to go with the t-shirt. (Discuss!)

There followed a quick beach break to devour our burgers from the Australian Beach BBQ. Well, it was not exactly on the beach, nor was is a BBQ burger - just a typical fried burger off the back of a van. And we had to pay for them too, unlike the Canadian BBQ for the Leaf Rapids and other gigs at The Green Door Store which was off a proper BBQ grill AND was free. Good old Canada, lived there for 2 years and they do know how to look after their musicians and music fans!

Tkay Maizda, from Australia, plays Concorde 2 Brighton
Tkay Maizda was energetic but not quite our cup of tea so it was time to stroll back along Madeira Drive and down the pier to Horatios Bar where a sparse crowd were treated to a terrific set from Delta Rae, a band from North Carolina, USA.

Delta Rae play Horatios Bar on Brighton Pier
Next up was the little matter of making sure we saw Slaves. It was off to the the big hall of The Corn Exchange where there was a long queue which moved quickly and we were in for the close of the Bad Breeding set before Girl Band hit the stage, followed by Slaves.

Bad Breeding at the Corn Exchange, Brighton
Girl Band - boys from Ireland - at the Corn Exchange, Brighton
Of all the bands that I saw at The Great Escape, Bad Breeding were the only ones I had previously encountered and that was a much smaller gig in the basement of the Patterns venue, then known as Audio. They came across much the same way that Girl Band did, the latter described as "sparse shouty vocals over intense noise textures"in the festival programme. Both bands may have been overhyped because I certainly perceived that, like me, most of the audience was there to make sure they saw Slaves.

Slaves enjoying a little crowdsurfing
There's another offstage photo - Slaves doing a spot of crowd surfing. That is Laurie Vincent's head. And I guess Isaac Holman will know whether or not they are his boots somersaulting backwards...

A quick exit took us to our next venue, another new one for me, The Haunt. When we arrived, Heat was on stage, again we just managed to get in and for the rest of the evening the venue was full.

A photo from the back, Heat at The Haunt
Now a lot closer - a wide angle shot of Shamir
Shamir's musical heroes are apparently Michael Jackson and Prince. Decidedly androgynous, and from Las Vegas, he is certainly distinctive and is tipped to go far. I could not disagree.

We resisted the temptation to stay for Gengahr and drifted North towards the station where my friend needed to get a train. We popped briefly into the Brighthelm Centre for a song or two from the Scottish band Admiral Fallow.

Admiral Fallow
That was it. And I have just noticed that Early Bird tickets for The Great Escape 2016 are already on sale!

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