Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day two at Latitude Festival 2015

With the good weather holding, the second full day at the Latitude Festival 2015 was going to be a busy one but with my eye on the line up in the tented Radio 6 Arena it was unlikely that I would be making great demands on the sun tan cream.

I am over the moon that we were not there this weekend, and whoever is out there at festivals right now will be having a very soggy and cold experience...

Tom Robinson band kicked off the Radio 6 stag
At the end of the gig Tom Robinson takes the applause - a great crowd and a great singalong to "Glad to be gay"
Frett playing the Lake Stage
Some suitably middle class additions to this year's festival included Union Jack themed strawberries and cream
Making bubbles in the Obelisk Arena
Lots of lounging about today
Thurston Moore and his band played the Radio 6 stage -
This is certainly a family friendly festival - and it seemed that every six year old was equipped with a set of chunky headphones.
Sleepiness in the Radio 6 arena
From Brighton - Marika Hackman plays the iArena
Marika Hackman - playing at this stage for the second year running
Wolf Alice on the Radio 6 stage at Latitude
I was waiting for some audience surfing like at Glastonbury - but it did not come
Kids on shoulders at the Wolf Alice gig
A great set from The Charlatans - again at the Radio 6 Arena
A brief visit to the Obelisk Stage - Laura Marling
Stag party at Latitude Festival 2015
Savages ("not a girl band") on the Radio 6 stage
This was the second time in 7 months that I have been bowled over by a Savages gig
There were some great sunsets at Latitude this year - the trees blocked off the full glory
Prides on the Lake Stage at Latitude Festival 2015
More Prides
The sky just got hotter
I was too late to the party to get up close to Catfish and the Bottlemen
Catfish and the Bottlemen on the Radio 6 stage at Latitude Festival 2015

A bit fuzzy - but these were Portishead, today's headliners on the Obelisk Stage
Resting outside the Literary Arena
While the band Portishead were on the main stage at the Latitude Festival, whether by coincidence or design,  Tim Clare was in the poetry arena reciting his poem "In Portishead"

About 11pm by the lake - it looks as if it had been a tiring day for some
I kept arriving at the Lavish Lounge while nothing was going on on stage!
The developing street art In the Woods
Street art In the Woods
The Lakeside walk into an area of Latitude which was outside this year's explorations.
All my Latitude Festival 2015 images are to be found at the link.

Friday, 24 July 2015

East Street Market on London's Walworth Road

Yesterday I took a trip to London to drop off a delivery - which took me to the neighborhood of the Walworth Road, south of Elephant and Castle, that I knew a little. Driving away on my previous visit I had spotted, on a Saturday, what looked a really vibrant street market. I decided to see if things were the same on a Thursday, and indeed they were.

This was East Street market, and it was rather larger than I imagined it might be. But what I really noticed was a sense of community. So many people seemed to know each other, and the vibrancy was connected to what seemed to be a genuinely happy disposition of most out on the market, whether trader or customer.

And yes, Charlie Chaplin was born on this street!

These images have been added to my photos of Southwark- London gallery.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

First day at Latitude Festival 2015

For the second year, this became the first day of the festival when it should have been the second. In what is generally a well run festival, organisers have something to learn, and to get it off my chest I have written separately about the 4 hour traffic queue to get into Latitude Festival.

Anyway, on to the photos because the rest was rather more fun!

On the opening morning of Latitude Festival 2015 visitors approach the main entrance from the campsites.
The excellent SOAK were the opening band on the Radio 6 stage
Visitors in the Radio 6 arena making their festival plans
The Districts were next up on the Radio 6 stage - energy!
In the Woods - as ever, strolling in fantastic natural surroundings was an important part of Latitude Festival 2015
This year street artists were invited into the woods
On the lake, on the floating Waterfront stage,  Sadlers Wells presented the Spanish all male dance ensemble, Roja & Rodrigues
The Australian band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard perform in the iArena
I loved this set - so you get two pics of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Fema Kuti performing on the Obelisk Stage - built high for excellent views from the main arena. But not conducive to photography from 20 feet below in "the pit"
The Manchester based band Man Made performing on the Lake Stage
Felix Bushe performing lead vocals with Genghar in the iArena
Cool festival youth relaxing In the Woods
This year the Latitude sheep were pink
Crowds spill out of the iArena after a gig
They made room for me to get up close to Ezra Furman
Ezra Furman on stage with his band at the iArena venue at Latitude Festival
Back to the Radio 6 stage for the superb Django Django
And when not a silhouette,  this is what they actually look like - Django Django on the Radio 6 stage
Alt J performing as headliners on the Obelisk Stage
The screens besides the new Obelisk stage were excellent - Alt J performing at Latitude Festival
Minimalism from Jon Hopkins on the Radio 6 stage
End of the day, for us anyway - a virtual projection onto a fountain over the lake with Latitude's real helter skelter behind 
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