Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Missing out on the first day of Latitude - an image free rant!

2018 update:
I did get there in 2015, the photos say as much, but I have not returned since. And it's all down to this...

Latitude 2015:
Off we went again, our second Latitude Festival. There was a lot going on so there will be a post for each day, and this Thursday SHOULD have been the first day, enjoying the goings on on the first evening of the festival.

Last year was the first visit so, now largely knowing what to expect, that experience helped in many ways. But as it turned out the nightmare journey there was repeated again. This time instead of being stuck on the M25 for hours, we were stuck on the A12 in a sickening 3 hour 45 minute queue to get into the festival. For the second year the journey from Brighton to the festival site near Southwold, Suffolk which should take 3 hours, took 8.5 hours, and we parked our camper at about 11pm.

I'm writing about it because in its 10th year you would think the organisers would get their act together but no, almost all traffic was being fed towards what must have been a single pinch point where it was held up so that guests with tents could cart them and all their belongings from car parks across the A12 to the festival site....

So here's some suggestions to the organisers:

1. Shift the car parks to the acres of empty space on the festival side of the A12, or
2. Send the incoming traffic anti-clockwise around the festival site so that it does not have to tangle with those crossing from the car park, or failing all else...
3. Make the crossing area for pedestrians wider so more can get across in much less time.
4. Open the gates earlier.

If you have to forget the knackered guests, all the green efforts made by the festival are undermined by this huge queue of traffic, visitors and locals in a 12 mile fume ridden traffic jam.

For these hours, all the output coming from organisers on social media was "don't worry, we will keep the gates open!" Well, a 10 mile overnight campsite on the A12 was not exactly an alternative was it?

If my daughter can get on a bus in Bristol and have her tent erected at Glastonbury in less than two hours then there is obviously something for Latitude to learn and some fresh thinking is needed.

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