Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Julia Holter live at Concorde 2 Brighton

Last night I went to my first live music in Brighton for a while. The tickets were bought for me by my wife who knew I followed Julia Holter - indeed I have her latest vinyl album, Have You In My Wilderness.

If you don't know Julia Holter then this review of  her Bristol concert gives you a feel for what the gig would have been like rather better than I ever could. There's an excellent summary of her music in that review "like a lo-fi, left-field version of Kate Bush, with a bit of Bjork and Joanna Newsom"and "her songs tend not to follow the traditional pop convention in that they are rarely in 4/4 time and songs can be discordant and chaotic with the sort of odd time signatures and broken beats found in free-form jazz".

The jazz reference really came through live whereas it does not necessarily do that for me in listening at home, and its far more to do with the drumming than the saxophone. Live, the layers of the music really open up, and Julia Holter has a lot of layers.

Anyway this is a photo blog, not a music review. I took the combination of my cheapest Fujifilm body (the X-M1) and a vintage 85mm F2 Pentax lens and, being excused a couple of times from our comfortable perch towards the back, I was able to get these images without having to push myself all the way to the front.

 Julia Holter live on stage at Concorde 2 Brighton

Julia Holter live in Brighton

Julia Holter live in Brighton

Julia Holter live in Brighton

Images are now added to my Brighton live music gallery.

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