Wednesday, 9 November 2016

More wanderings up the Stokes Croft corridor in Bristol

I'm not sure if  'Stokes Croft corridor' is an area that would be recognised by the people of Bristol but, in taking a walk with my daughter on a visit a couple of weeks ago on a figure of eight route out of Kingsdown, down through the Dove Street estate onto Stokes Croft itself, along Cheltenham Road and Gloucester Road and back through St Andrew's and Cotham, that is a term that I have come up with that sounds a bit better than 'wandering along the A38'.

Anyway, here's a few more photos from the streets of Bristol to add to the collection at my photo library.

Spring Hill and views to the city of Bristol

Spring Hill crossing Somerset Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
A view over the city of Bristol from Spring Hill crossing Somerset Street, Kingsdown
The cobbles of Spring Hill, Kingsdown, Bristol
A small community garden at the Dove Street flats, Bristol
View over Bristol from the Dove Street flats
One of the tower blocks of the Dove Street flats, Bristol
Westmoreland House, Stokes Croft
The Metropolis on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. Once a cinema, then a comedy venue, boarded up at the start of 2012.
Cafe at the Well Laundrette - a successful independent business on Cheltenham Road, Bristol
Graffiti off Gloucester Road St Andrew's, Bristol
Painted terraced homes on Fremantle Road, Cotham, Bristol
The Arches railway viaduct, Cotham

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